A New Adventure

We are a husband and wife team that are excited to start a new business in St. Cloud.  We have been talking about the need for a specialized home brew supply store in the area for awhile now, so we finally decided to take the plunge and make it happen.  We have both spent about 15 years in the restaurant industry, working in many places around the country and finally coming back to settle down in St. Cloud.  Desi has worked as a chef for many years, and has been brewing beer for about four years.  He has found a passion in brewing, and was looking to get out of the lifestyle of the kitchen, so we thought this would be the perfect solution.  I (Lori) have been on the front side of the restaurants for about 15 years as well.  I left the restaurant industry two years ago to become the St. Cloud craft beer sales rep for the Artisan Beer Company.  Our lives have become very intertwined with the brewing, tasting, selling, and drinking of beer, and we have discovered a love for this industry that we want to share with everyone.  I will continue to work my job at Artisan, as Desi opens and works at the store.  We signed the lease today, and the construction on the building has begun. We will be located on the outside of Midtown Square Mall on Division Street.  We are very excited to get the doors open, and hope to be open before the holiday season.  Soon after we open, we will be offering classes for brewing beer and wine.  We are hoping to have an online store open within the first year.  More to come soon!

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